Physics Graduate Courses


1) Courses for the Master's (240 hours)

* FIS 2001: Classical electrodynamics I
* FIS 2002: Quantum Mechanics I
* FIS 2003: Statistical Mechanics I
* FIS 2004: Classical Mechanics

2) Courses for the PhD (300 hours)

In addition to the four courses (240 hours) for the Master's program, for the Ph.D. program some courses are required (according to the research area of the candidate):

*FIS 2005: Quantum Mechanics II (Condensed Matter)
*FIS 2201: General Relativity (Cosmology)
*FIS 2202: Theory of Stellar Evolution (Astrophysics)

3) Elective Courses

Besides the ccourses listed above, the student must attend a minimum of 120 hours (two courses) for the Master's and a minimum of 420 hours (7 courses) for the PhD program, among the disciplines listed below:

* Fundamental Physics

the FIS 2005: Quantum Mechanics II (Required for PhD-condensed matter)
the FIS 2006: Classical Electrodynamics II
the FIS 2007: Statistical Mechanics II
the FIS 2008: Statistical Mechanics of Non-Equilibrium
the FIS 2009: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
the FIS 2010: Mathematical Methods of Physics
the FIS 2012: Special Topics in Fundamental Physics

* Condensed Matter Physics

the FIS 2101: Solid State Physics I
the FIS 2102: Solid State Physics II
the FIS 2103: Theory of Many Bodies
the FIS 2104: Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
the FIS 2105: Physics of Polymers
the FIS 2106: Physics of Semiconductors
the FIS 2110: Special Topics in Solid State Physics
the FIS 2111: Special Topics in Statistical Mechanics
the FIS 2112: Special Topics in Experimental Physics
the FIS 2113: Numerical Simulation in Condensed Matter Physics
the FIS 2114: Special Topics in Semiconductor Physics
the FIS 2115: Special Topics in Complex Systems
the FIS 2116: Magnetism
the FIS 2117: Special Topics in Magnetism

* Astrophysics and Cosmology

the FIS 2201: General Relativity I (Required for PhD-cosmology)
the FIS 2202: Theory of Stellar Evolution (Required for PhD-Astrophysics)
the FIS 2203: Cosmology I
the FIS 2204: extragalactic astrophysics
the FIS 2205: Proceedings of Energy Astrophysics
the FIS 2206: radiative processes in astrophysics
the FIS 2207: Astrophysicists Plasmas
the FIS 2208: Cosmic Magnetohydrodynamics
the FIS 2209: Observational Astronomy
the FIS 2210: General Relativity II
the FIS 2211: Cosmology II
the FIS 2212: Testing Cosmological
the FIS 2213: Special Topics in Gravitation
the FIS 2214: Special Topics in Cosmology
the FIS 2215: Special Topics in Astrophysics I
the FIS 2216: Special Topics in Astrophysics II