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Selection results for  2013.1

General Introduction

Welcome to the Postgraduate Program in Physics (PPGF) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). Headquartered in the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, the PPGF offers Masters and Doctoral courses in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics (Theoretical and Experimental), Statistical Mechanics and Complex Phenomena, Astronomy and Cosmology, encompassing a large number of research lines. This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of its foundation as well as the mark of excellence that the PPGF has achieved, namely being awarded a score of 6 by CAPES. This achievement is the result of the high academic qualification and experience of its teaching staff, currently composed of 20 professor advisors. The PPGF has produced more than 120 Masters and 65 Doctoral graduates and presently has 80 national and international students enrolled in the program.

The Postgraduate Program in Physics and the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics at UFRN are very satisfied with the success of their Masters and Doctoral students and of the research conducted here. If you are a potential candidate, with the intention of studying Physics and Astronomy at UFRN, we hope that you will be part of our team. Click on the links above to obtain information about our lines of research, teaching staff, registration requirements and general programs norms. Welcome to UFRN and to Natal!